Sometimes You Just Need A Break

I just want to remind you that not only can you not work 24/7, you shouldn’t. Brains are not built to be used up and spent, down to the bone, over and over.

I am giving autobiographical advice here.

You know how you tend to get ideas in the shower, or on the commute, or generally at times when you’re not thinking about the story, not thinking about anything really? Your brain WANTS to help you with your story! Your brain LIKES being creative! But it is NOT a machine. I know that it sucks to some degree that you can’t plan or force your “creative juices”, but planning and forcing harder is not the answer.

Yes, some newbie writers could do with some added discipline. Yes, sometimes you’re just being lazy and you’d rather watch Burn Notice than work. (I hear you!) BUT, sometimes the answer is not to berate yourself and double down, it’s to stop, take a breath, LITERALLY, and just be okay for a hot minute.

Just be okay. You’re okay, your story is fine, you just need a break. I know this sounds obvious, but that’s why so many of us mess it up – we forget about many simple things while we’re building our complicated lives. Happens all the time.

We just need a reminder. So here it is: TAKE BREAKS. Do something simple and fun, something that stimulates a couple senses, like your favorite taco or tea flavor, your favorite sport, something that moves your body and takes your mind off the work.

YOU’RE OKAY, LOVELIES! Trust the process. Trust YOUR process. Don’t get worried when you step away that you’re “wasting time”. What’s the point of writing, of any job, if it sucks you dry?

Leave a comment. What’s your favorite way to take a much-needed brain break?


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